Thursday, February 20, 2020

Tennessee Volunteers Football Historical Uniform Tracker

The full and completely researched Tennessee Volunteers Football uniform tracker is here! It has the Win/Loss record for all of the uniforms worn by the Vols from 1949-Present (The White Helmet Era). As well as the total win % for each uniform combination. (Click on the pictures below to see them in full size) 

**The "Throwback/Other" category is used to represent uniforms worn only once or were just slightly different from the main Orange/White combinations. The uniforms that are under this category are 
-2004 Holloway Era throwbacks
-1987 Orange jersey with grey trimmed numbers
-1987 White jersey with grey trimmed numbers

**Updated through END OF 2021 SEASON & BOWL GAME**

Year By year breakdown:

Monday, February 17, 2020

Tennessee Football Season Recaps Updated!

Please check out the newly updated Tennessee football uniform season recaps page. It has been updated to reflect the uniforms from 2019 to 2007 and it's still growing! the objective is to cover as many uniforms in Tennessee's proud history as possible! (link below)

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Vols Unveil New Nike Uniforms for 2017

     On Wednesday the Tennessee Volunteers unveiled to the world their newest set of Nike uniforms. Today the social media sites for Volunteers football were lighting up the internet with teaser photos of the Nike Vapor Untouchable Performance System. Although they only unveiled the primary home Orange uniform today, we as fans got a good glimpse at what the template will look like in Vols colors. 

Thursday, July 20, 2017

All New Vols Uniform History Blog!

Hello and welcome Vol fans and uniform enthusiasts to the shiny and new Vols Uniform History website! While the original "aceuniformreport" served it's purpose for the time being, I wanted the VUH to be a site worth visiting over and over. Now, thanks to Clint Richardson owner/proprietor of the Auburn Uniform Database (@Clintau24 on Twitter), The Vols Uniform History has a streamlined place for all of the historical uniforms, playing surfaces, season recaps, and more! I am still in the process of transferring the old articles over into their respective pages but they'll all be in their new homes soon and I'll be finishing the Uniform one and done series soon as well. Eventually I hope to have all of the Season recaps done to at least 30 years ago, finishing the templates is rather difficult, but it will be done! Expect a weekly, or bi-weekly article on my uniform thoughts or something Vols related. This will be the home for all of the Vols uniform information for the coming seasons. Thank you all for your patience in the reconstruction. But as Vol fans, aren't we all used  to construction anyway? 

Go Vols!